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You might think that when it comes to survival and preparedness, the most important thing is to have the resources and the practical skills to use them, and you don’t pay much or any attention to the psychological stuff. You would be wrong.

I’m not talking about mumbo-jumbo self-help books are trying to sell to you. Psychology will lay the very fundament on which you develop your practical skills that will help you survive a disaster.

I came up with 8 reasons that should convince you that your mind needs crisis preparation as well.

5 Major Reasons To Prepare Your Mind For The Crisis - Part 1

1. Mind preparation trains you to avoid mistakes

Basically this is the most crucial reason. When you find yourself in a crisis, you tend to get ahead of yourself and go with your guts instead of thinking it through. That includes deciding to run away at the last minute on a blocked road, panic and hide without your stockpile and other such things.

That may not sound like you right now, but people are not really themselves in a crisis; they are driven by fear and they become irrational. Before you know it, you end up waking up in a situation that you created for yourself but not consciously.

You can’t plan surprises, especially the unpleasant ones. I’m not saying it’s your fault if everything goes badly, just that you have to train your brain to adjust to extreme situations. We will expand on this at the second reason.

2. Planning your reaction

Sure, investing time and money in your stockpile is essential to cope with a crisis. But even more essential is to unlock your mind self-control, or else all of it is for nothing.

Here is why:

Crisis brings chaos. They simply come together. A lot of unpredictable things will happen, and nothing will unfold as you expect. Perhaps the worst possible scenarios will happen at once. It’s crucial that when this happens, you maintain your cool. Your focus should be on your family and on yourself, and let no distractions affect that. Stick to the plan.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. Most likely you WILL be distracted by everything else, especially by other people asking you for help. Your children will get scared and cry and a lot of other things will happen. That will easily make you abort your plan and adapt to the situation.

What you have to remember is that everyone else is in the same situation as you. Sticking to the plan is a challenge for them as well, and most of them will abandon it. Which means that you have to keep it together and don’t abandon your family in the midst of the crisis.

Stay tuned for the second part of this piece where we reveal the last 3 reasons to value psychological preparedness.

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