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Today we are going to follow up the article from last time and give you 3 more reasons on why mental preparation for crises is essential for survival.

3. Avoid falling into depression and despair

This is a hard job since depression is not really something you can control. Sometimes you can’t even see it coming and it needs a lot of effort from your behalf to be cured.

It is very common that people get depressed during crises; it happened during the Great Depression, during more recent crises and it will happen again. To avoid that from happening to you is to be optimistic and keep close to your family.

That’s how you will get to put your survival plans to good use and overcome a crisis with your head held high.

4. Be an inspiration and comfort others

When the crisis strikes, it’s not just you who are going through a difficult time, it’s also your loved ones. They too are prone to depression, illness and even suicide. Crisis doesn’t cause clinical insanity, but it puts a lot of weight on people, in a very chaotic environment. It’s important that someone is there for them.

Your role in this mess is to guide your loved ones through the crisis. Mental preparedness enables you not only to help yourself, but also others. Sometimes it’s even enough just to signal your calmness and security to the others to make them feel better.

Psychological preparedness will also enable you to talk to your family prior to the crisis, preparing them in the same manner you prepared. You can help them find their inner peace and be emotionally ready for what’s about to come.

5. Take the lead

Once again – it is not uncommon that crisis brings chaos and all types of manifestations from people. It’s a human way of saying we are not designed for disasters. The fear of losing everything in a hazard drives people crazy.

mind control

The good news though is that all people need is a leader; someone with a plan and perspective, who is psychologically armed to face the crisis.

People desperately want security in their lives, so they will follow someone who provides at least the image of it. They want to have a community that acts as one and is a safety net for everyone in it.

You could be their leader, if you are psychologically trained. A small contribution from your behalf could make the difference and save an entire community.

These are just the main reasons why psychological preparedness is essential, but there are plenty more. Keep them in mind when you start prepping.

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