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Baking soda is not necessarily something you would think of packing in your survival bag. You know you use it for cooking, and I bet you don’t even use it for that so often. Well, it’s time that you know baking soda is a wonder-ingredient for so much more than cooking and it should definitely have a place in your survival bag for its versatility. So today we’re gonna start a series of two parts in which we reveal the many uses of baking soda.

1. Sanitize fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of your diet and they will be even more during emergencies. But remember that no matter how hungry you get, you shouldn’t eat them without cleaning them first. The best way to do that is to sprinkle them with water and a little baking soda.

2. Eliminate odors

If you are out of deodorant, you can just use baking soda for your armpits. It’s cheap and efficient and it will be very useful to you when you won’t have access to your usual stores. Also, it occupies less space.

3. Take care of your feet

Feet are very valuable when it comes to extreme situations; you have to walk a lot and it’s important to keep them in good shape. In order to do that, let them soak in warm water in which you add baking soda; it will be soothing.

  4. Treat colds

One of the medical uses of baking soda is that it helps treat the cold. Mix water with some baking soda powder to treat headaches and the flu.


  5. Soothe itchiness and insect bites

Mix water with baking soda powder and apply it on blisters, insect bites and itches. It will help with the pain and it will soothe the skin.

6. Treat sunburn

Pour a little baking soda in water and spray the mixture on the sunburns. It will help cool the skin and relieve the pain from the sting.

         7. Antacid

Another miraculous purpose of baking soda is that it acts as a natural antacid because it regulated pH. So it will help cure indigestion, heat burn and stomach aches. They are pretty common, so it will be good to have baking soda around.  However, talk to your doctor and ask him if your usual medication interacts well with baking soda, so you can avoid any negative effects. Make sure to dissolve it in water completely before drinking it.

Don’t miss out on the next and last part on the multiple uses of baking soda!

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