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It’s very important to know what to eat when you are in the wilderness. Although you can get by without food for up to 3 weeks, it’s best not to. Especially when there are so many options out there that will give you the much needed nutrients. Plants, insects and small animals can help you survival for quite a while outside civilization.

Here are some survival food sources you can find in America:

Cattails – This plant was named “the supermarket of the swamp” because of its availability; it can be found in any season and it can be consumed entirely – roots, pollen heads and shoots.

Conifers – Conifers are a great food item you can find in nature. They contain lots of sugars, calories and starches, all on the cambium layer. You can consume it raw, from almost any cone tree, except yew which is poisonous. You can recognize those after their red berries. If you want them to taste better, you can scrap the inner parts and fry them.

Grasses – Grass is very safe to eat. It will leave some flavored juices after chewing it. Leave out what is not digestible. The most consistent and tasty part is right between the root and the green part, and it’s a white part of the root which tastes similar to potatoes and can be cooked and eaten in the same way.

Oaks – Oak fruits are a great source of proteins and fats. In order to eat them you have to eliminate the juice that makes them bitter. Called acorns, these fruits can be made edible by boiling them, which will cause this juice – the tannis – to evaporate.

It is important to be able to identify the plants that nurture you from those that poison you. Ask for a specialist’s opinion to guide you through what you can find in the woods. It’s better to avoid something if you are not sure what it is.

Other than plants, you can also eat insects and animals.

What to Eat in the Wild

Insects – Basically, any insect is edible, from ants to grasshoppers. Mixed in a stew they can really add flavor and consistency to your food.

Fish – any fish is edible, and probably the tastiest thing you can end up eating in the wild. To catch them you can use a spear or a stick. Smaller fish can be caught with a t-shirt used as a fish net.

Birds – Birds are tasty and good to eat, but the trick is to catch them. For that you can use snares or sticks to throw at them. It takes a little practice nonetheless. Bird eggs are also an excellent alternative.

Small Mammals – This category includes squirrels, rabbits or anything else you can catch. To get them you will need to use traps and snares, which are the most effective.

Getting to know the environment can prove to be very helpful one day. If you know what to fear, what to eat and how to catch it, you can survive for a very long time in the wild.

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