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These past few months we have experienced what we might call a ’60’s comeback. I’m not talking about fashion or music, I’m talking about the social movements that have triggered so much change in the world. I’m sure you’ve already heard about what is happening in Istanbul, but protests against the government have risen everywhere.

In Brazil, one million people went into the streets after a small increase in the bus tickets price, protesting against the high level of corruption and the cost of living. Turkey, as we all know, exploded after an announcement concerning the destruction of a public park and escalated into something much bigger. UK, France and Sweden have similar problems right now. Of course, these protests start from something small but the issues at stake are much more serious.

Why is this happening all of the sudden? Well, because governments all over the world have proved that they are not trustworthy. People want leadership, but at the same time, they don’t trust any party with it. In contrast to the movements from the ‘60’s, people have more various concerns and demands – because there are so many things that are wrong with the world.  However, by and large, they are unsatisfied with the living standards.

There protests will not stop very soon; quite the opposite, in fact, they will develop more and more and instigate other citizens of other countries to do the same thing. You thought America is going through tough times? Well, the others aren’t doing better either.

Growing Protests for a New World

What should concern you is that even if right now, these are conflicts happening within the borders of states, they can easily escalate.         Governments are going through complicated times as well; it’s simply not that unlikely anymore that two perfectly democratic states enter a stage of cold war, or who knows, even violent conflicts.

The idyllic times are long gone; countries are no longer unitary and common goals are making way for private interests. In this situation, one can only look out for himself and his family. The safest way to live is to learn to stand on your own two feet and solve your own problems, make your own energy, grow your own food, built your own shelter and defend yourself. And of course, teach your kids how to do the same. We’re now coming full circle and just as the first men who didn’t have a government to run their lives, we’re back to the roots.

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