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The protests that have been going on all over the world are spreading further. The Egyptian capital of Cairo has been ignited by protests against the president, Mohammen Morsi. This protest is the most violent manifestation in Egypt since the 2011 revolution.  The number of participants rose to millions.

The citizens are revolting against the first Islamist president because in the year since he has been in power, the economy and security problems of the country have remained in very bad condition.  Morsi came to power after the people overthrew the former leader, Hosni Mubarak, in 2011.

Right now, the demonstrations are becoming larger and larger and are spreading to other cities. Petrol bombs were used and several symbolic facilities have been attacked; the violence resulted in several deaths and injuries. The army is yet to intervene to stop the protests.

These manifestations sound awfully much like what happened in Turkey and other parts of the world. Only this time, the participants also expressed their negative feelings towards America and Israel by portraying the current leader in a Star of David.

International Protests Endanger America

The times we are living are harsh and the popular discontent is growing, day by day. It makes me think of all the hatred we attracted worldwide through our interventionist policies, and of the shaky security we are ‘enjoying’. It also makes me think of our own country, and how things are going for us. Economy isn’t getting better, wars are not over and we are dealing with a security crisis that also dampens on our diplomatic relations with other countries. How come people are not protesting in America too? Or are we about to experience a second ‘60’s?

You might think that all these protests are far away. Call me paranoid, but I think they are close, anti-American and multiplying and this comes in a time where we don’t have a lot of friends left. And even if I am paranoid, isn’t it safer for me to think like that and being ridiculed than being sorry later? I know I want to make sure that if time should ever come, I will be able to produce my own alternative energy, to grow my own food, to learn self-defense and to make my home a safe place. I also think you should do the same.

The American Dream is not made reality by Obama or anyone else for that matter, but by ourselves. The tradition of liberty must be taken forward by each of us if the government fails to do it.

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