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Here we are with the last part on how to help children overcome traumas.

The next tip I can give you is to get them involved into helping the victims of disasters. It’s not as costly as it might seem. Let your children help the victims, let them contribute. Money is not the only way; you can also donate clothing and food. You can ask their kids to collect their old toys and give them to the victims, and let them know how important what they’re doing is.

You should also encourage your kids to ask whatever it’s on their mind. This way, you will find out what are their feelings related to the event and what they are afraid of. Answer them in simple words and make it age-appropriate, without overloading them with information.

Be honest and don’t underestimate the capacity of your kids to know whether you are saying the truth or not. Have patience if they ask one thing more than once, it’s probably because they need reassurance.

Show them that you understand them and that what they think and feel is important to you, but don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Be careful on how you speak with them; kids pick up fast on any discriminatory discourse. Explain equality and prejudice to them.

More importantly, remember that children copy their parents’ behavior; be careful what you say to them and what you talk to other adults in front of them.

You should also confess what are you feeling and thinking to them; don’t overdo it, but let them know what worries you.

Be careful not to disagree with your child because that may inhibit him from confessing to you in the future. Guide them towards a direction, but don’t force him.

There are a few more techniques that can help you deal with your children’s traumas.

Pull yourself together when you talk to them; don’t let your children see that you are affected and that they can’t rely on you. Don’t lie to them but don’t cry in front of them either. Make sure that you are in tune with their minds at all time.

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Say a prayer with them if that will help you or them in any way.

Make them forget about the bad times and do fun things, out of the house, with you. It will help you disconnect and remember the good times; it’s important to have fun and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, because it will help you.

Disconnect yourself from TV for a while. Even if you’re staying in, spend your time with something else, like playing with the children, cooking or organizing a family activity.

Take these advices seriously because they can help you recover from a disaster and make your life and your kids’ lives good again.

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