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As promised, I’m back with some super useful information on how to save money by using a grid.

Using a wind turbine to produce energy can not only help you minimize your environmental impact, but it can also go a long way in saving you money. A wind turbine system uses wind – a renewable energy source – to produce energy that can be either used directly within a home or other location, or the energy can be delivered back to the electrical utility through a grid-tie system.

In a grid-tie system, energy that is produced by the wind turbine is, essentially, sold to an electrical utility. In most cases, the electrical utility “buys” the energy by reducing the monthly electrical bill by the amount of wind energy that is created by the wind turbine. Remember: in many cases, wind turbines are used to supplement energy from a utility company and may not be the sole source of energy for a home, office, or other location.

Here’s how the grid-tie system works:

First, erect the wind turbine. A wind turbine can be erected in many locations and in many different fashions. For example, some wind turbines have 3 turbines that spin while others have more. Likewise, some wind turbines are 8 feet in diameter while others may be significantly smaller. Different wind turbine models produce different results. Therefore, individuals wishing to use wind turbines should consult with a professional to be sure they are getting the best solution for their needs.

How to Use a Grid

The turbine will generate energy. Once a wind turbine is established, the turbine rotors will spin as wind passes over them. As they spin, they deliver energy to a attached generator that receives the energy. That unit then passes the energy through a system of wires to a battery, where the energy is stored. Stored energy can be used by a household that has established the wind turbine to power devices such as televisions or computer.

Unused energy can be delivered to the power grid. If the household does not use all of the energy generated by the wind turbines, it can send that unused energy out to the electric utility through the power lines connected to the home. This energy will be processed through the utility meter so that the power company knows how much energy is being delivered to the electrical grid.

The electrical company will then reduce the household’s monthly utility bill based on however much power was delivered to the grid from the household. Every electrical company charges a different rate per kilowatt hour, therefore, the total price reduction is based on the total number of kilowatt hours that are delivered to the power grid.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a grid-tie system, speak with your power company. Chances are good that the company will have such a system and be able to walk you through the specific steps required to get started. You’ll soon find that your power bill is reduced – and you can rest easy knowing that you’re helping to reduce your power company’s environmental impact!

For my next article I’ve selected 6 of the most important benefits of using a geothermal heat pump. As they are may alternative energy solutions to fit different needs, I want to make sure I cover most of it and everyone is happy!

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