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Last time we talked about different areas where you can use Coke and get rid of impossible stains. Here are some more tips:

           1. Reduce Pain 

Believe it or not, Coke is effective even when it comes to mosquito bites or bee stings. All you have to do is cover the affected area with a piece of fabric dipped in Coke. The pain will disappear.

           2. Clean Kitchen Tile

Pour Coke on your floor – one small area at a time so you don’t create a mess. Wait a few minutes, and then wash the floor with a clean wet cloth. It can get sticky, but the Coke will clean your floor like never before.

          3. Clean Grease Stains

You know that grease stains are usually there to stay. Well, if you just combine a can of Coke with your detergent and wash your clothes as usual, even the nastier grease stains will be gone!


           4. Remove Rust 

Use a sponge or cloth and moist it in Coke. Rub the affected area thoroughly. It might take some perseverance, but in the end, it works.

           5. Clean Your Pool

For this you need 2 big bottles of Coke; pour them in your pool and the water will get cleared off.

           6. Clean the Windows

Use your normal window-cleaning cloth, only this time, dip it in Coke really good. The result is that the windows will look much cleaner.

          7. Clean the Toilet

Use Coke with your usual toilet cleanser and proceed as normal. You will notice that this time, it will take you a whole lot less to do it and your toilet will shine.

          8. Remove Gum from Hair

Almost everyone has gone through the horror experience of getting gum in the hair, especially when there are kids hanging around. Here is how to get it out without using the scissors: pour Coke on your hair or keep your hair in a bowl with Coke for a few minutes. Removing the gum after that will be a piece of cake.

          9. Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

If you place a bowl of Coke somewhere in the garden, the slugs and snails will come to it because of the sweet flavor. The acid will get rid of them.

          10. Clean Car Battery Terminals
You can clean your car battery terminals by simply pouring Coke on them. Don’t put too much though, just enough to get the dirt off.

          11. Loosen a Rusty Bolt

Here Coke works like magic. If you just add Coke to the bolt you can actually see how it loosens in no time.

I hope this will make your household cleaning routine easier and it will make you aware that in a survival situation, Coke can really be a useful tool!

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