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So we’ve talked a lot about what items should you put in your survival backpack, what you should do or don’t do when crisis strikes but there’s another aspect that is less discussed yet very important for us survivalists. Where can a prepper find people who are preoccupied with the same survival issues?

There are survival groups, but not as many as you would expect. Many of them split up because of money issues, personal issues or all sorts of other things. Most of them last for 2 years tops. People don’t always get along and can’t get past their personal issues for the bigger purpose. However, there are exceptions – we just don’t hear about them that often.

Meeting Survivalists

Being a survivalist also means that you care about your safety and that of your family, and that might affect your willingness to get into tense relationships with unknown people.

But being in a group with people like you can really be helpful. A group like this should be kept small and ideally, the members will take and share skills with the others. It’s important that the other members have complementary skills, hobbies and beliefs so that the getting-together is beneficial for everyone involved. This might seem impossible, especially for the long haul, but it isn’t.

Finding just the right people to complement you could make a big difference in your life as a survivalist. A lot of readers ask about how can one do it on his own. Well,  most survivalists are not alone. They have family and friends who they involve in their planning and activities and they actually form groups with them, even though not officially.

You should do the same. Talk to your family and friends and about the importance of survival to you and discuss how you’re going to be there for each other. Go through everyone’s skills, see what they bring to the table and how you will blend.

But if you don’t have a family or you can’t rely on yours, then you need other type of support groups. The big question is where to look for that support? Where is it safe to look for it, where can you find the right people?

Stay tuned because next time I will reveal some good places where you can meet other survivalists and some other tips on how to bond with them.

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