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As promised, here I am with more info on how to meet other survivalists. I will start off by telling you where to find potential candidates for a survival club.

Here are some places:

  • Self-defense classes and seminars
  • Gun club
  • Churches of your religion
  • Hunting clubs
  • Garden clubs
  • First Aid & CPR classes

There are of course many other such places, but these are just to give you an idea and some inspiration. Please do tell if you have other suggestions.

You can even start your own club and make the rules so you can be in control of who joins in; this way, you have more odds of getting together with like-minded people. Even if at first, you don’t find someone you like, at least you made a step in the right direction.


I’ve heard of people where are ex-militaries and they are offering free survival classes to attract people in their own survival group. Basically, there are outdoor lessons on how to survive in the woods and things like that, and the people who are taking part in it are secretly evaluated as possible group members.

Another convenient way to find survivalists partners is networking. You have to get yourself involved in this if you want to find your people, don’t expect to be found. Of course, not everyone you meet has to be a candidate. And even if you feel like you found the right person, he just might prove to be different than expected at a second glance.  So the best way to go about this is to start slow, not reveal too much about you. Just show your interest in what’s going on in the world, but don’t make a big fuss about it. Ask your candidate about what he thinks and suggests.

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear what’s on the guy’s mind. Listen to him and if it sounds good to you, then you have a winner. You can start the conversation by talking about what scares you and what you wonder about, but within boundaries.

Trust is something that builds in time and it is earned, so don’t give out all your secrets to someone who could be a government snitch for all you know. And never ever do anything illegal if you are asked to. I think that they’re plenty of films and real life stories that show you why to avoid that.

I hope this info helps you and you will be able to find people to rely on as a survivalist fast and easy.

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