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Believe it or not, organic apples are one of the simplest yet most nutritious foods that you can consume. Why is that so? Well, firstly, there is a type of fiber they contain that will help you control your weight. Secondly, the potent nutrients in them are generally good for your health and recommended on a daily basis.


Organic apples are full of this fiber. Pectin is good for your health in more than one way. It has been showed that they lower the cholesterol level, it balances the blood sugar to the extent that it makes pre-diabetes less likely and builds insulin resistance.

Those of you who are on a diet should know that organic apples can help you in the process. Pectin gives you the feeling of satiety for a considerable period of time and reduces your appetite. When you feel like having a snack, organic apples are the best choice.

In terms of calories, organic apples are good too. They only contain between 50 and 80 calories, so in the overall daily caloric intake they don’t really matter.

The Miracles of Apples

Polyphenols are a type of potent antioxidants. You probably know that this substance can be found in red wine and green tea, but organic apples also contain it. Not only that, but the polyphenols in green apples is different – it is water-soluble. This makes them easier to absorb by the body and increases their bioavailability.

When on a diet, polyphenols will boost your immunity, strengthen your heart and lower the cancer rates. Together with pectin, polyphenol creates a miraculous effect on health. Combined, they help lowering the blood fat level. That is, if you consume organic apples on a regular level.

It’s important to mention that the apples you consume have to be organic. Otherwise, all the health benefits you could get will be neutralized by synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

These added substances damage the apple’s skin, where most of the nutrients are found. With organic apples, you get the true health value. Another thing you should be careful of is the aspect of the apples. If the skin is already bruised or with stains, it means that the polyphenol has reached an oxidation level and it will no longer deliver the desired benefits.


Apples also contain an antioxidant named quercetin. This substance is a natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Whenever you have an allergy, an apple may just be the best cure for it.

Another wonderful property is that of preventing asthma. Again, this applied when you eat apples regularly. Moreover, quercetin has been proven a powerful nutrient against cancer and heart disease.

There you have it; an apple a day DOES keep the doctor away!

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