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Every now and then, each of us will ‘sin’’ and indulge in the tasty, tasty pleasures of fast food. We know it’s not good for us and we’re (hopefully) trying to live a healthy life, but sometimes you just need a burger and nothing else will do.

The important thing is to make it a one-time thing. The recent news concerning what they actually contain gave a feeling of disgust. What we buy from the supermarket is not actually a burger, it’s a health bomb. And it’s no exaggeration; I love food and I am not willing to give up my pleasures just because of some mild consequences. But it’s not mild consequences I’m talking about here.

What you think is a beef burger is in fact a burger with a paste made of different types of animal parts such as excretory system, digestive tract, legs and so on, filled with bacteria. These bacteria will not die if you cook the burger. If you’re not disgusted yet, you will be now: inside this mixture there is animal poop. Numerous studies have shown that roughly 2 thirds of the beef burgers contain the typical bacteria of feces, called e-coli. Not only it’s disgusting, it’s also very, very, very bad for your health.

Don’t get fooled by the yummy taste; any flavor can be faked and enhanced nowadays with all kinds of damaging substances.

Murder by Meat
In addition to what I just told you, burgers will also contain the antibiotics animals were given for maintenance. This comes in a pack with all the diseases animals contract, such salmonella and enterococcus, which are not treated by those antibiotics – they are immune to them.

So this is in fact what you consider a tasty burger. It’s very difficult to give up these simple pleasures of life, but this is quite an incentive. The only thing you can do is to control what you eat. You either grow your own food and animals or you go to trusted sources.

This is just one story, but generally speaking, more than half of what you find at the supermarket is a threat to your health. Eat less, grow your food, be cautious! I know this is making our lives harder, but you may find pleasure living a simple life, being active and engaging in these type of activities that will create a safe environment around you. I know I did.

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