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Allergies are very common nowadays, especially for Americans. It didn’t use to be like this, but somehow, because of the changes in food processing techniques, things have gotten pretty serious. The bigger problem is that babies are even more affected by allergies, which can be tricky because there is a small number of things a small child can eat anyway. They require special diets which are very costly, and adults need to watch over them so they don’t accidentally eat the wrong thing and have to be taken to the hospital.

It’s true, we now know what causes all of this – GMO foods, present in 70% of  our supermarkets. But what good does that do since we can’t do anything about it. The worst thing is that you can’t tell whether what you’re buying is GMO or not, because there is no label that says so. Sure, you can buy organic, but even so, you can’t be entirely sure. Plus, a very small percentage of the population actually affords to buy organic – the prices are 3 times bigger than for normal food. The market is developing, and perhaps we will be able to afford it someday, but it doesn’t look so right now.


Luckily, there are some things we can do to immunize us from allergies. I will reveal a few natural methods you can use to stay healthy.


This a very basic rule that very few people respect. Chronic dehydration leads to asthma and allergies. The reason why people don’t respect this rule is that you don’t realize you are dehydrated; you just drink water when you’re thirsty. But if you’re thirsty, it means you are already dehydrated, so it’s not enough. Our bodies are 70% water so the water intake has to be proportional.

Calculate the quantity of water you need per day by dividing your bodyweight in ounces by two. So if you weight 140 lb and you’re a woman, you need 70 oz of water daily, which is 8 to 10 glasses of water. In the beginning, it will seem impossible, but you will get used to it pretty quickly.

Organic salt

Yes, organic food is expensive, but investing in certain organic spices won’t make such a big difference in your budget; instead, they will prevent food allergies. One of these spices is salt. Salt is essential for both asthma and allergies. The latter emerge when our immune system responds badly to certain neutral substances in the environment, such as certain foods, pollen, cosmetics, dust and so on.

I’m not finished talking about organic salt – you will have to catch the next article, in which I will also tell you about other natural methods to keep allergies away.

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