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We have a few more years to go until the next presidential elections in the US, in 2017. Still, I think we are all wondering who’s gonna be the next leader of the free world. After the Bush period, America was overjoyed with the fresh presence of Obama. We are an idealist people; we always hope for the best.

However, let’s face it, even Obama brought a lot of discontent to the American people. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t feel like I am living the Dream. USA is no longer safe nor is it wealthy. Coming back to the idea of a new president in 2013, let me tell you how our beloved presidents so far have paved the way for the next ones.

Firstly, the next president will be able to collect the DNA of people under arrest, even if they are not convicted of any crime. This is, apparently, the new ‘fingerprinting’. Secondly, he will be able to keep innocent people under surveillance, infringing upon their right to privacy, because Obama made it happen. Thirdly, it will be OK for the next leader to kill people without knowing their identities, because CIA already declared that this was the case during the drone strikes in Pakistan. Fourthly, ethnic discrimination will no longer be an issue, because, you see, John Brennan, the director of CIA, already approved of ethnic profiling as a method for espionage. Last but not least, it’s already no surprise when prisoners are detained for an indefinite period of time without being trialed.

Paving the Way for Tyranny

These are only a few of the horrific things that redefine normality, because they already happened. Every weird law, decision or procedure that you hear about won’t just happen once. There’s the rule of the precedent that can and will be used to justify the actions of the government. They will speak about how it worked last time, so let’s use it again. All in the name of the American people. Human rights are no longer valuable, individual liberty is no longer important.

So we can definitely hope that out next president will be one of the good guys and not take advantage of all these precedents, but can we really rely on hope? Isn’t it frustrating that we have no other choice? It’s probably the case that all these procedures implemented by the government give you a false sense of security, because they’re mainly used against our enemies. Well, not necessarily. Not knowing the identity of the men you kill means that you you don’t value human life, period.

I strongly advise you to take survival seriously and to learn how to defend yourself in any given situation, because, as you can see, you never know when you will have to defend yourself against your own people.

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