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So as we all know, EU is our largest, most powerful ally in all sectors. I don’t think someone ever thought that the Snowden scandal would go so far so as to hinder our relations with the EU. Sure, China and Russia don’t like us, but Europe too?

The NSA surveillance scandal has determined the European Union to perform a thorough security check on its entire headquarters around the world. Germany has publicly shown its disapproval of the US practice and reiterated the value they put on transparency.  Even if EU benefits from very high level security system, the Snowden scandal made it change it.

The boiling point was reached when Merkel described the American surveillance tactics as “unacceptable Cold War behavior”.  France also expressed its outrage.

Well, if you were France and you just found out that 38 diplomatic missions of the US were actually targets, and that US is secretly spying on you as well as your neighbors and other countries, how would you react? Because that’s what happened here.

Snowden and Our Future

We didn’t really know how to use diplomacy to get ourselves out of this mess, and now we are the kid everyone is pointing fingers at in the school yard.

On top of that, the citizens all over the world are publicly supporting Snowden and demanding that he is declared free. This won’t be happening any time soon, but what’s the strategy? Seems like Obama is stuck between letting Snowden go, which will basically show that USA is the weakest country out there and will bring huge repercussions, and sending him to jail, which will put us in a very awkward position with… everyone.

Either way, it appears that this situation cannot end well. If this will cause our political relations to be hindered, then the first that will be suffering will be the economy. Now this is the moment where you realize that all the survivalists telling you how to live off your land are not insane, they just take precautions. The second area that will suffer the consequences will be security. Not that we’re gonna go to war with everyone, but that the situation will be more prone to sudden changes. Yet another reason to listen to the crazy survivalists who tell you how to make a fortress out of your house.

Believe me, I’m much better off not thinking of all these crazy scenarios and just living my simple, pleasant life. But I gotta think of my future and the future of the next generations and do my very best to protect myself from this charade.

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