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Continuing with the Snowden saga, I’ll tell you that he is still in Russia, stuck in the airport. As I mentioned before, the USA invalidated his passport. The situation is getting tenser by the minute as everyone’s waiting to see what’s next. In a recent interview, Putin said that Snowden should have been on his way to another country, had the American government allowed it. He thinks that now everybody’s too scared of the US to receive him.

Putin actually offered asylum to Snowden under one condition: he has to stop its political activity. Unofficially, even Russia sides with him, but is trying to keep its official position neutral because it doesn’t want to ruin its relationship with USA. Snowden refused and said that he wants to continue fighting for human rights. He strongly believes that the American government is doing something bad.

This guy could get out of this sticky situation so easily; Putin handed his way out on a silver platter, and yet he choose to continue risking his freedom and his life by showing the wrongdoings of the American government to the world.

The US’s reaction in all this? They accused Russia that they’re siding with Snowden and approving of his espionage practices. I don’t think Russia could have had a more neutral behavior, but the Obama administration continues to act in a way that only harms our relationship with the world. What could they have done? It is legal to offer political asylum, and the whole chase of Snowden is getting ridiculous and it infringes upon many rights and liberties.

What really preoccupies me with this whole situation is that Snowden wants to continue his political activity despite the risks he is exposing himself to. That means the information he has is something even worse than we already know. What else is the government concocting behind our backs? For his courage and his pursuit for liberty, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a professor in Sweden. It sounds ironic when you think about the fact that Obama received this prize too.

Snowden Fight for Freedom

I dread what’s gonna happen next. But more than that, I take pride in being a survivalist. I don’t want to be dependent of a government that is no longer reliable or predictive in its actions, because it doesn’t stand by the law. It would be a bit hypocritical of me to criticize the system and yet hold on to it with every energy bill I’m paying for.

You should try it. It’s the kind of feeling of freedom you will never get from the government.

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