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The media is full of information on survival because it sells. Because of that, sometimes, the stuff you read might be blown out of proportions or simply not true. How can you tell when someone is just trying to make some money out of your fears? It’s not easy, especially for new preppers who don’t know what to believe. Sometimes, not even the author knows what he’s talking about.

As a rule of thumb, I think it’s better to over-prepare beforehand even if people think you’re crazy, than regret it later.

However, let’s take the most widespread myths on survival and see what they’re all about – are they useful or is it all just a bunch of useless stuff?

    1. You Have To Have A Hideout

This statement is everywhere and there are plenty of reasons why it’s a very valid one. In many cases, when disaster strikes, you stand more chances of getting through the whole situation if you bug out. Plus, it’s more comfortable to be hiding out in your own house. Your family will feel safe and you can keep your daily routine. These things are very important when you’re facing a crisis; they will help you keep calm and cope better with the whole thing.

Moreover, if you prepare for survival, all your gear is gonna be at home so whatever comes your way, you have what you need


2. You Don’t Need a Survival Plan

On the opposite side, there are people who are saying that survival is overrated and no one needs a plan or to worry about bugging out. The fact is that while in some situations, bugging out in your own home is the best thing to do, if you’re facing a fire, a flood or even severe protests, you will need to leave your house.

So how do you know exactly when to stay and when to go? Well, if you put your life in danger by staying, then you should definitely go. But if your whole survival arrangements at your house are essential for your survival, stay. In any scenario, having a plan is essential since in stressful situations we aren’t able to make the most rational, sound decisions.

Keep these in mind ‘cause we are coming back next time with more about survival myths and what to think of them!

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