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Last time we talked about two myths about bugging out and whether or not they are valid or not. Today we’re going to talk about more of these survival myths and dissect them to see what’s true and what’s not.

  1. You Need a Survival Place

If you are like me, you don’t own a separate place just for your survival plans. And it’s a waste of money to invest in one, to be frank. You can develop survival  locations without actually buying property for it. The easiest way is to talk to a friend or a relative who is not your neighbor and make sure that they are ok with you coming there in case anything happens. If you don’t have this option, look for a hotel in a town around 50 miles away. It’s important to look for it beforehand, to make sure you don’t have to drive for too long before finding a place to stay. If you don’t like it there, you can move if you want, just know that you have options.

Another important step is to document everything. Write your location details down and put the files in your car and your house. Don’t forget to include maps in your files. Talk to your family about these bug out locations and set up communication codes, so that if they’re not with you when you have to hit the road, you can text them the location in very few words.


          2. Your Survival Backpack Has To Last for 3 Days

Survival backpacks are also known as 72 hour kits. Basically, a survival backpack is what should get you from your home to the survival location and it should last you for at least 3 days. As mentioned in the previous article, it’s not always that you have to leave your home for an emergency situation. But when you have to leave, you will probably stay gone for at least 3 days. Keep that in mind when you prepare your survival kit.

If you’re dealing with something that doesn’t only affect your area, then even withdrawing money could be an issue. In this situation, it’s useful to have cash prepared in your survival backpack.

OK, two more survival myths solved. We’re not done yet, so stay tuned for the last part of debunking survival myths!

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