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As we previously discussed, when a crisis occurs, it’s not only the physical preparation that matters. Emergency situations bring a lot of unknown and extreme emotions to the surface, and if you don’t know to control them, they can wreck your survival preparations in no time. Moreover, negative emotions make you prone to making mistakes and putting yourself and your family in danger.

The good news is that such a situation is not hopeless. There are things that can be done to avoid it. I will now introduce you to a 3-step plan you have to follow to get out emotionally and physically intact from a disaster. Remember though, it is crucial to follow these steps in this very order.

As complex as the human mind is, as hard it is to control it. It’s no easy task to control something that has the ability to oppose resistance. Don’t despair, I am here to tell you to train it to do as you please. There are several steps you need to follow to that end.

mind control

Be one step ahead of your reactions

I will give you a task: for the next period, every time something bad or something that makes you uncomfortable happens, index your reaction. Assess how that makes you feel and remember it. It might be more than just one feeling – you might go through anger, fear and a lot of other emotions. It can be tricky, but even when you’re having a fight with someone, remember to mentally record your reactions and actions.

Go to the root of your emotions to find out what triggers them and how do you physically manifest when you have them. Take a notebook and describe in detail your body language. As funny as it sounds, it is important to take it seriously so that you can move on the next step.

Correlate your negative emotions with your actions

After this self-analysis you will be able to correlate your emotions with how you manifest. For instance, when you’re angry you start doing stuff around the house; when you fear something, you run away, when you are under shock, you forget what you were doing.

All that stuff is normal, but it is emotional, and in a crisis, the mistakes you might make in these situations can be very dangerous for you and your family. That’s why it’s important to control it.

Don’t miss out the next part in which I tell you how to control your emotions and I reveal the last step!


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