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Last time we discussed about the first 2 steps  in the 3-step program on how to control your mind. Today I will tell you how to control your emotions and finally, I will reveal the last step.

Once you are aware of what reactions certain things trigger from you, you will be able to anticipate them when a crisis comes. Try to imagine yourself in a disaster situation. How would you react? What would you first feel – anger, despair, fear? What would you do given your feelings – run away, break something, block? Take your time and picture the whole thing and based on your observations, anticipate your behavior.

Now it’s time to think about your survival plan – your preparations, how you would want yourself to behave in a situation, how you will be present, calm and rational and you will have quick reactions. Do this exercise once every day – it will mentally prepare you for the real thing.

mind control

3. Control your emotions through 2 very simple tricks

  • Control your breathing

When you’re doing your exercise and you’re picturing the whole thing, also focus on your breathing. Pace yourself, breathe slower and slower, taking short inhales of air and keeping it inside longer. You can begin by counting.

This way, your brain will get more oxygen which will revigorate it and enable it to make faster connections. It will make you calmer and more rational. This whole thing takes 10 minutes, so it’s not at all time consuming; you will be pleasantly surprised with the effects though.

  • Think positive

This probably sounds silly to you, but it’s important. A positive attitude will direct you towards the solution rather than the problem. It’s not easy to do, but you have to keep trying whenever you are in an unpleasant situation.

You have tot teach your brain to react positive to anything that happens to you. Negative feelings will try to make way through your mind, but you have to deny them access. Prepare a pep talk that works for you and use it whenever you find yourself in such a situation. After several times, you will start believing it, trust me. Then you can truly say you have control over your mind.

I hope that helps and that you are willing to try it. I promise you you will not regret it!


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