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There are a lot of news out there, but the Snowden story will still remain the most important and relevant one. So, in case you aren’t up to date with the news on this one, Edward Snowden is about to receive asylum in Russia.

After refusing it at first because he didn’t agree with the condition imposed by the Russians that he stops all political activity, Snowden has applied for a temporary asylum in Russia last week. The Immigration Service is taking his request into account and will probably allow him to move to their country for one year, after which the permission can be renewed.

This is not where this guy wanted to end up though. He specifically said he wants to continue his activity and he has a lot more to say about what the American government is doing behind people’s backs. Unfortunately, now that his passport has been revoked, there is no other way. Even if he will obtain asylum in Russia, with US pressuring everybody into handing the most wanted ‘criminal’ over, who knows what will become of him.

For now, Snowden is just looking to start a new life, in Russia, his only option. This is bad news for a number of reasons from where I’m standing. First of all, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of things that we should know about the practices of the American government, and perhaps Snowden was our only chance of finding them out. Now, since the Russians won’t allow him to continue to do just that, he will have to erase that information from his mind and become a regular man.

The End of the Road for Snowden

Second of all, US have pulled some pretty nasty tricks so far just to get this guy. Do you think he will stop, even if he is granted asylum in Russia, and everything is nice and legal? I doubt it. Obama wants Snowden so badly, he was willing to shake the diplomatic relations with other countries just to get him. As I predicted before, there is no happy ending in this case.

What makes me most angry, however, is the lengths authorities, in general, go to in order to cover the truth. Of course, this shows us that we, the citizens, cannot really trust them to tell us the truth. A brave guy has to stand up and do it, and then get hunted down for it. Even the most optimistic, nationalistic, naïve of you should be shaken by that.

Hopefully, time will reveal more bleaches in the system. Until then, keep an eye on…yourself!

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