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Lately, I’ve been talking on and on about cutting ties with the government and get off the grid. I just read an expert opinion about how people who want to be independent from the government tend to move into places where the government is less active, which are usually dry lands – very vulnerable to fire. Whenever you make an important decision about your life, you should also consider the risks you are exposing too; don’t act like a teenager revolting against the system, carefully weigh every decision you make.

A third of US homes are built in the Western isolated outskirts of more developed zones. Unlike humid areas as you can encounter in the East, these isolated patches are more vulnerable to fire. It was only recently that the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed hundreds of houses in Colorado Springs; yet people are still building their homes at a growing pace in dry forests. Fires are very common in the US during the summer right now; just because they don’t make the national news all the times, does not mean they don’t exist.

The Fire Threat

When you make a decision as important as going off the grid and starting fresh in a new place, you should consider everything. And I mean everything. Make sure you are prepared to do that, both with knowledge, know-how but also with the right attitude and help. Moving in an area where it’s likely to die in a fire is worse than not doing anything.

Most people choose patches of land near the forest because of the quality of air as well. Keep in mind that the quality of air can be significantly improved by you by planting trees and growing a garden. Safety comes first; you want to be visible and safe from Mother Nature’s surprises when you make that step.

Going off the grid means freedom and a happier, cheaper life, but it also means you are on your own and you need to develop new defense and craftsmanship skills. The people that have been affected by fire had to rebuild their homes; now that is just a waste of time and money and it’s a pity when you have to do it. So choose wisely so that your time and resources are not spent in vain. Before deciding where to built your house, do a little research, inform yourself about the climate and potential dangers of the area; have patience and persistence. All good things come to those who wait.


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