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Everybody wants to be able to protect their family when disaster strikes. But let’s be realistic here, you can’t always be the hero; it doesn’t work like in the movies. So the next best thing is to ask for help. But the tricky part is how to ask for the help of someone in a crisis. You have to know how to use very little resources, both material and emotional.

This is more important than you might think; if you’re isolated and there is no one with you, then you’ll have to be able to send the right signals. This is the time to learn survival signaling.

There are two types of signaling – visual and audio. We will discuss them both and also the different techniques to use them that can help you save your family.

Visual Signals

Visual signs fall into two categories: the ones for daytime and the ones for nighttime.

We will first go through the signals you can use during daytime.

Smoke Signals

A smoke generator can really be a fast solution for a crisis; you can build it yourself. There is an international distress signal made of three columns of smoke that you can also use. The simplest version would be to create a lot of smoke around you so you attract attention.

One way of making the smoke more visible is to make it contrast with the background. If the color of the background is light-colored, then a white smoke will work best. Color can be brightened up if you use green leaves and moss to light the fire. If a dark smoke makes the contrast more visible, use plastic or rubber.

Don’t forget to block your airways with bandanas or pieces of cloth.

Outdoor survival guide

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are a must-have and you should definitely pack them up. If you are afraid you don’t know how to use them, don’t be; they come with instructions. However, you have to know a few basic and important rules about them. Firstly, keep them dry, otherwise they won’t work. Secondly, when you fire them, make sure you’re not in a green spot or surrounded by vegetation, because you can easily set the place on fire.

Star Clusters

Star clusters can be very useful signaling tools. They are 200m tall and very colorful. Red is the best color to have them in, because it is an international distress color; other bright colors are good too. The best thing about star clusters is that they are hard to miss; use them with care.

Stay tuned for the next part with more information about daylight and nightlight visual signals!

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