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We’re back with more information on survival signaling and some more options for daylight signaling.


This type of signaling is only good if you do it on sunny weather. If sun helps you, then mirrors can be very effective. You don’t have to carry a mirror with you all the time; you can simply use your belt buckle or any shiny thing you carry with you.

Pick the highest place around to signal to be certain that someone will spot the signal.


Colorful clothes can be more than a fashion statement; they can save you. Be sure to pack them too when preparing your survival bag. Use them either on trees or high spots and try to point them down there. If you put them on the ground, arrange them in a large circle that can be spotted from a plane.


Natural Material

If you don’t have enough clothes to use them as a signal device with you, you can use the materials around you to create another signal. Anything will do; for instance, rocks. Find some large rocks that you can move, leaves and also fallen trees. Any item lying around can be added, such as branches. The point is to be able to write ‘help’ or ‘SOS’ with them.

Now, let’s move on to type of signals you can use during nighttime.


Fire is the most known and used signal during the night – and also the most effective, if you know how to do it properly. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Basically, you will have to build 3 fires arranged in a triangle. The triangle symbolizes danger and calls for help.

Making the fires is easy, what’s more difficult is keeping them to last. This could be really difficult, but if you can manage to attend to all of them, just make sure that at least one won’t die. It’s best to have one standing than to lose them all.

You could also set a tree on fire as a signal; it will serve as a torch. You can achieve that by putting dry wood on the tree and then set fire to the branches of the tree.

Make sure you don’t start a huge fire you can no longer control, so better choose an isolated tree!


A flashlight can be a life saver if you know the Morse Code. All you need is a flashlight with a strong light that can help you send an SOS message. Don’t forget to bring along a lot of batteries so you make sure you can successfully send the message.

Morse Code is not difficult to learn, and it’s a must for survivalists. Look it up on the Internet, there are dozens of websites that teach you how to use it. It is usually done with flashlights, sounds and mirrors.

We will be returning with the last part of our Signaling Guide, so stay in touch!


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