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Today we will talk about more nighttime visuals signals and also about audio signals.

Breakable Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are for one-time use, but they can be a very effective signal during nighttime. Keep a few boxes in your survival backpack and a few more in your car. Their advantage is that they are space-savers and they don’t weigh much.

The best way to use them though is to tie them to a shoelace, a string or rope. Rotate them in the air to make them more visible.

Audio Signals

Two-Way Radio

True, this isn’t the most comfortable item to carry around. A two-way radio is very important for communication during survival; you can both send and receive messages and make your time in solitude shorter. If you or someone in your family is injured, you can get medical instructions or speed up the rescuing process.

Here are a few tips on how to use two-ways radios in an emergency situation.

–  Go to an open space to use the device; you will need an unobstructed terrain to perform this. Radios need a clean terrain to function since they are a line-of-sight type of communication. A blocked terrain will damage the signal.

– Maintain the antenna directed to the place you want to reach; the tip of the antenna alone has no signal.

– If your radio has tone, you can multi-task; put the radio on a table or any flat surface at your level and continue with your other tasks.

– Keep yourself and everything else away from the antenna. Any contact with it will weaken the signal significantly.

– Preserve the battery life by turning off the radio when you are not using it. Use it only when you need it and make the transmissions short and concise. Plus, by sending short messages you will minimize the risk of enemy radio finding you.

– If the weather gets cold and humid, protect the radio with some clothing. Low temperatures cause the battery to empty sooner. High temperatures on the other hand may cause the batteries to explode. Keep both the radio and the battery in a dry place, and make sure water will not affect them, otherwise the circuitry will be damaged.



It might seem childish, but whistles are great for signaling to others that you need help. Rescue aircraft can’t be contacted in this way, but other people that might help can. Blow a whistle 3 times in a row, pause and do it again until someone finds you.


Ammo can be used for signaling if you have a gun. Proceed in the same manner as with the whistles – 3 shots in a sequence.


Horning works exactly like whistles and gun shots. Use the 3-in-a-row sequence and then pause and repeat.

Be careful with the horns though; they can be very loud. Tell your kids to cover their ears while you are using them.

So this is it about signaling. Use this information wisely and it will definitely make your survival experience easier.

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