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I was talking with my friends about what is everyone packing in their survival bags and I realized that everyone has at least one item that doesn’t belong in there. Most of them are beginners, and it takes time to realize the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ when it comes to survival.

For them and for everyone who is struggling with this, I made a list of things you should leave out of your bag. I hope this will help you save some money when shopping too.

          1. Foods You Don’t Like

A lot of people tend to just copy some random Internet list with survival foods and go to the supermarket with it. They don’t think about what they like and what not, they just buy everything. And even if they think about it, they buy it anyway, because who knows when you’re gonna need it.

There are so many survival foods lists out there that you can use, it’s unreal. What you should do is check them all. Then choose what you like and what your family likes from all of them, and make your own list.

If the items you don’t like are really basic, healthy and last a long time, try to see if you can’t find something similar that you enjoy. You might think that in an emergency situation, this aspect is not important. Which is true – when you don’t prepare. Then you are just thankful to be alive. But for a prepper – why not create the best conditions so that everyone keeps happy?

It’s so easy replacing the food you don’t like with the one you like. Why put yourself in a situation where your kids are crying and everyone is unhappy? It takes just a tiny effort to choose only things you like.


          2. Tuna Cans

Firstly, make sure you know the origin of your fish. God knows what diseases you can get from fishy fish. It’s important to stay healthy and get everyone the nutrients they need, avoiding side-effects.

Secondly, keep in mind that tuna won’t taste, look nor smell the same in a year. So  remember when you bought the cans, and if it’s been longer, replace them with new ones. If you don’t believe me, just try opening a can of tuna after a year – you will see what I’m talking about.

That was all for now, but stay in touch for more tips on what to avoid packing next time!


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