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Last time I was telling you about how Honk Kong defied the US and let Edward Snowden go to Russia. The story continues, as he is currently staying in the transit zone in the Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow. It’s interesting and scary at the same time to realize how this leak shook the international political arena.

Evidently, Snowden chose this route to Ecuador to stir the waters; first, through Hong-Kong, maneuvered by China that thoroughly enjoyed US’s fall from grace, then through Russia, which proves on this occasion it’s not an unconditional friend – naturally. Moscow doesn’t want to comply with US demands of handing Snowden over. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but it seems bewildering to see, overall, how little power America really has in the world.

Snowden will remain in the transit zone of the airport until he chooses his final destination – and Russia has no intention in preventing him from going. However, reaching the final destination might prove to be a bit difficult now, that US has canceled his passport.

The media writes about how this whole chain of events has reached the part where everyone is trying to humiliate the USA. So far, none of its requests have been fulfilled by countries that allegedly are in good relations with America. But I can’t help wonder whether we’re really going through humiliation or we are just used to have any request fulfilled. And now the scary part: we have a history of trying to get the things we weren’t given by force and of trying to fix things that are not ours to fix. What will happen next? Can the Snowden story trigger yet another act of violence?

Where is the Snowden Story Going

At this point, it is pretty obvious that the Obama administration doesn’t want to risk too much its democratic appearances. It can’t really go to Russia uninvited or hunt down the next airplane Snowden’s gonna be in, can it? Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Bottom line is, I predict that this story has a bad ending, and I’m warning you about it. It will just show you, once again, not to trust the government. And with the risk of sounding like a broken record – what you can do in this situation is go off the grid. Even if you’re not in the position of leaking something important – you never know in what situation life may bring you and what you’ll have to put up with from the government. Severing your ties with the government can only make you more in control of your life – and luckily, everyone is talking about it so you have plenty of sources to learn how!

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