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You and I both know that Obama has been promising all of us that America will no longer wage unnecessary wars and that the ongoing military operations will be cut down. Well, it’s been a while since those promises. From the recent news, I found out that CIA is slowly diminishing the number of bases in Afghanistan, from 12 to 6. Now this is good news, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t do much to erase what happened so far. It will take a couple of years until the American footprint on that country will start to fade away.

Only the soldiers and their equipment will not return home, but they are moving to other destinations, to carry on more violence. The new locations are Yemen and North Africa, where Al-Qaeda is developing its activities. Another part of the manpower will be providing guns to the opposition in Syria. Basically, if we’re not waging wars, we’re maintaining them.

And don’t get fooled by the withdrawal of forces, thinking that we’ve come a long way and we are heading towards peace. CIA is still planning to keep an eye on the country.  The operation in Afghanistan has transformed from espionage to a paramilitary agency that uses killer drones. These campaigns will still go on for more than a decade, maybe returning to its initial espionage tactics.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan

I suggest you don’t get all too excited about this news; the plan is not set in stone, and the American involvement with the Taliban appears to be very disturbing for the Afghan authorities.

Thinking back about all the promises on the ceasing of all violence, topped with a Nobel prize awarded beforehand, I am really sad about how little has been accomplished. Sadness is, however, not the worst part. Drawing from history, violence is only followed by more violence. And if we are all aware of that, then we will be able to notice that we haven’t faced massive violent responses lately. That doesn’t make us lucky; it just means they’re on their way.

Once again, I urge you to stay alert at what is going on with the country and build up your defense; learn how to defend yourself, your family and your HOME, and be prepared for any – and I mean any – threat that may come to you, from anywhere. Don’t buy anymore promises, create a safe environment around you that will not be shaken by the actions of someone else, government included.

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