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Since hurricanes have become so frequent in the US, the Internet has been offering a lot of articles on how to cope with them. But you have to be careful of all the people who are trying to make a living out of sharing unverified information.

Of course, there are some good articles out there that teach you useful survival techniques, but others have some mistakes or treat certain aspects with superficiality.

And since we are talking about a life and death situation here, it is crucial that we have the complete and correct information. When we are in an emergency situation, we tend to panic for the fear of losing our dear ones or the things we value; having the wrong information in such a situation might cause more trouble than we are already facing.

So always keep in mind that the most important thing is to keep informed and check your sources when it comes to natural disasters survival and not only.

Now it’s time for some useful tips on how to survive hurricanes and how to avoid the mistakes you might have taken up from the type of articles I mentioned above

1. Act Fast and on Time

The most common mistake made by people who find themselves in such emergency situations is to wait to be sure that something is actually going to happen. First – there’s denial: you don’t believe it is actually happening to you. Then you decide to be sure, stay a little longer. The fact that you are sticking around even for just a few minutes will put your life in danger.

Hurricane warnings are for real; when you hear one, there is no time to question whether it’s gonna happen or not, there is only time to pack or take your already packed emergency bags and run. Believe what you’re hearing, or you might find yourself responsible for your life and your family’s life as well. The sun might be shining now, but in just a couple of hours, the storm might destroy your house. Remember Hurricane Katrina or other such huge and unfortunate disasters and don’t give it a second thought.


2. Prepare and Stay Alert

Another type of attitude in the face of disaster is to postpone preparations until you hear and see about the disaster on TV. It is enough to hear it on one place, I’m telling you, after that, it’s time to prepare. If you are wasting time waiting for re-confirmations, you won’t be able to find anything left at the supermarket. No water, no food, no tools. It’s better to buy them when you’re not 100% sure and if there was a false alarm (not likely) you will have supplies for when the next disaster strike.

In fact, in any case, it would be best to prepare when there is no announced peril. You need a safe and isolated place to stay for 4 days, supplies for a week, a generator in case the electricity will be down (which always happens) and window protections. Don’t let yourself get into a situation where you fight with your neighbors at the supermarket for food.

Stay tuned for more hurricane survival tips next time!

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