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I’m back with some tips on how to use solar energy to heat a pool!

Despite their low-cost and high efficiency, solar pool heating systems are not often included in funding initiatives because they are considered to be an optional luxury. Therefore, it can be challenging for many pool-owners to find resources for energy efficient—or renewable energy—solar pool heaters.

So where does that leave people who use a solar pool heating system for a personal use pool?

There are some options available now, and hopefully more to come as current initiatives are analyzed and seen to be cost-effective in lowering energy consumption.

It might be good to know that Indiana’s property tax exemptions for renewables do include solar pool heating applications used for industrial pre-heating. That’s a good news for those of you who live in Indiana, isn’t it?

Now, regarding Los Angeles for instance, you should know that the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power offers a $300 rebate on pool pumps and motors that qualify as energy-efficient or are used in solar heating systems. Do a little research of your own or just ask an official if your choice qualifies.

Next, Arizona: the Arizona Public Service Company – the largest electric utility in Arizona – is offering a one-time financial incentive for the use of solar pool heating systems. Arizona Public Service’s initiative rewards solar pool heat users with $0.10 per kWh saved during the first year of operation. Incentive payments are limited to both 50 percent of the system cost and a maximum incentive of $75,000. Applications are due the last day of each bimonthly allocation period: January and February, March and April, May and June, July and August, September and October, and November and December.

How to Heat a Pool with Solar Energy

Oregon’s Eugene Water & Electric Board has been offering residents a loan and cash discount program, called “The Bright Way to Heat Water”, for both domestic water heating and pool heating applications –the cash incentive began in May 1990, the loans, 1995. This long-running incentive program has resulted in over 1,050 solar domestic water heating systems and seven solar pool heating systems.

The average loan amount for these projects is $4,000 with a 60 month repayment period for a pre-approved system installation. The cash discount may be as much as $600 for solar domestic water heating projects, and up to $1,100 for solar pool heating systems. Be aware that the discount is given to the contractor for the cost of the equipment, but the customer’s final bill should reflect the full discount.

Be sure to supplement your system with a passive solar principle; use a thermal pool cover to accumulate and seal in heat overnight. Enjoy the swimming season extension that solar pool heating systems offer!

Stay tuned for a history lesson on solar energy in the next post!

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