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Continuing with the discussion on power outages and what should we do to minimize the consequences of such an event, we come to emergency food. Food is crucial in emergency situations, so you should have enough of it when you’re stuck at home during a power outage. Just in case, prepare emergency food  for up to 2 weeks.

Don’t rely on your grocery store, because this is what everyone else will do and it won’t be enough for everyone. In the case there’s something left for you there too, it’s likely that any electronic payment will be impossible.

Besides these essential items – water and food – there are a few other things that you must have. Don’t waste time and get them now while you are sound and safe, to keep them in your house. You might not be able to do it when disaster strikes.

Get camping supplies as if you are planning a trip in the woods. Look at the possibility of a power outage as going back to the roots; no modern facilities to help you; this type of thinking will help you think on things like how to get some light , cook without electricity, get food that won’t go bad without a fridge and keep clean without the luxury of a shower.

Another thing you have to think about is emergency communication. It’s important to be able to keep in touch with your family and authorities, in case you lose signal or you can’t rely on your usual means of communication.

Power Outage

Medications are also crucial in case of a power outage. Ask your doctor to provide you with some supplies of your usual medicines.

One of the best investments you can do is an emergency generator. If you are facing a power outage, it’s quite difficult and potentially dangerous to spend a longer period of time at the candlelight, eating food from a can. You can go check out the offers on power generators at your local home and garden store, and see what you can afford. Even a small generator can help you keep your freezer running and some of the lights in the house.

Another aspect you should consider in case of such an emergency situation is how long will your food last. When power is out, avoid opening your freezer/fridge door too often. Normally, it will take about 4 hours until your fridge get completely warm, if you keep it closed.  Keep in mind that 41 degrees is the limit; if your food gets warmer than that, it is no longer safe to eat. The freezer will maintain its temperature for about 48 hours after the power is out.  As long as it is tightly packed, it will be safe to eat for a longer time. To prolong the cold temperature in your freezer, put gallons of water inside.

There you have it, now you know one or things that will contribute to your safety during a power outage. Don’t go on thinking that this will never happen to you, this type of thinking got many people in disastrous situations!

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