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I’m back with some great info about how to take care of your health during crisis. Last time I told you about the possible limitations to medication and the conventional health measures that may come up during emergency situations. Today I will tell you about the solutions to these problems.

Here is something you never thought about: it has been discovered and discussed in the past few years that there are certain medicines you can find at farm supply stores or vets in America, shops or websites, that are the exact same thing as the ones humans buy from themselves from the pharmacy. To give some examples, plenty of the aquatic lines of antibiotics meant for fish, that are often used for cats and dogs as well are perfectly usable for human. One such example is FishMox, with amoxicillin, and another one is called FishPen, with penicillin. These medicines don’t require prescriptions and you can find out exactly what they’re made of by introducing the pill code from each pill on the USP (U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention) website.

Another solution that more and more people are adopting is teaching yourself about alternative medicine, natural remedies. Make no mistake, this is something newly-adopted, but it’s not new at all. The tradition and the history of natural remedies date back to the China and India. Nowadays, even modern medicine has started to recognize the merits of herbs and plants that can cure certain affections.


So if you’re suffering from cardiovascular diseases, heart conditions, hypertension or high blood pressure, there are natural remedies you should take into consideration.


This is a plant that has been already recognized for years for its benefits as a tonic for the heart and for the cardiovascular system. Dry up the leaves and the berries and use them for tea; you can also use them raw for this. Hawthorn lowers the blood cholesterol level and the blood pressure, helps you rest when you sleep and relives the pain caused by angina.


Cinnamon helps reduce the LDL cholesterol level for up to 30% in a little over a month. Another positive effect is that it enhances the regulation of the blood glucose level. However, keep the dose to 2-6 grams daily to avoid negative effects.


Beets are a very efficient natural remedy when it comes to the heart or problems of the cardiovascular system. You can eat them raw or add them in your food recipes. They have a lot of juice too. Beets are not only good for the heart but they bring a lot of nutrients to your meals as well.

Don’t miss out on the last part of the series, in which I will reveal more natural solutions to health problems.

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