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I was telling you recently about the horror events happening at Guantanamo Bay. Well, that’s not a singular event as you might think. 23 California prisons are going through a similar phase right now. Thousands of prisoners are on hunger strike, and the authorities are discussing about force-feeding them.

The interesting part is that California is one of the three states that don’t allow force-feeding when prisoners choose to be on hunger strike. Apparently law is no longer a powerful tool, because the officials are willing to make an exception with the Californian prisons, under the pretext that it will prevent chaos. This is happening after merely one week since the prisoners started the protest. The numbers of inmates involved in this has diminished from 30,000 to less than 5,000.

It’s important to mention that medical authorities do not agree with this practice and have declared that it is not part of the protocol they carry in Californian prisons. However, a Supreme Court decision dating since 1993 states that it is legal to implement procedures with the purpose of prolonging life in prison even if they will hasten death.

Does that make any sense to you? To me, it is a rebirth of ancient torture procedures. Luckily, even if the authorities don’t have any regard for human life, they still fear the media. If as an effect of the force-feeding procedures, someone dies, it will create a monster of a scandal.

California Prisons Terror

The inmates are doing this simply because they request some changes in their treatment in prisons, which according to numerous reports, is dubious. What I don’t understand is how will force-feeding them prevent chaos. The prisoners are not engaging in fights or violent protests, they are refusing to eat – and it is legal to protest under this form. Once again, I feel the need to stress the fact that you mustn’t think that this doesn’t concern you simply because you are a law-abiding citizen. You should regard this as an example of how lightly does the American government take life and death, and how relying on the power of the law doesn’t always work out.

My advice to you is to minimize your interaction with the government, thus minimizing the chance that you will collide with it and be subjected to injustices. Keep a low profile and slowly sever the ties you have with the government; you have no idea how little you, in fact, need it. Everything can be made by man alone, in a more reliable, beneficial and less costly manner. All you have to do is acknowledge the world you’re living in.

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