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We’re back with more on survival myths and what to make of them. I hope the information so far has helped you make some sense of all the information we’re ‘bombed’ with right now.

          Your Survival Backpack Needs to Be Light

This is also a very popular statement flowing around that you can find basically on any website or forum. There are always lots of comments on practical stuff, like how are you gonna carry a backpack as big as you. Well, if you’re planning on taking a hike then they’re right. But if you’re bugging out, you will definitely not be taking a hike. You want to get some distance between you and the disaster area, so you will probably drive to your survival location. In this case, you can carry whatever you need with you, so the weight of the backpack is not something to think about.

If the plan is to go into the woods – think twice. You might be the most prepared person for surviving in raw nature, but you have to think of your family too. It’s not easy to survive in the woods for more than a day.

Moreover, if you’re carrying your backpack to the woods and it has to be small enough for you to deal with it, then your supplies will run out much faster. What will you do then?


This is something to consider in such a situation. Since you can’t predict how long you will have to be on the run, then you better have enough gear to last for a considerable amount of time. So – the weight of the pack shouldn’t be your main concern, but its content – yes. If it’s so heavy that it becomes a problem and you don’t have a car available, you can find other practical solutions for it.

          How The Survival Plan Should Go

If you are in danger by staying in your home, you have to take your pre-prepared survival backpack and whatever else you need and load them in your car. Go to your previously established survival location. If you don’t dispose of a car just then, find a shopping cart to help with the backpack and walk. During winter, you can make use of sleds for that. I hope this makes sense for all of you and will help you clarify some things on survival preparedness.

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