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Keeping an eye out for what happens in the world also means that you have to stay in touch with things that are not directly correlated to the US. The biggest issue right now is Syria. The Chief of the Military Intelligence in Israel right now declared Syria is “the center of global Jihad”. The extremists are trying to take President Bashar Assad down, and put Islamic law in power.

Now this is the biggest hole in the security bubble not just for that part of the world, but for us too. Thousands of jihadists and Muslims are joining the extreme forces in Syria. The dimensions of this power are huge and very, very scary. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) declared that they will not stop at anything, and everyone is welcome to support them.

UK has seen the immediate perils and has withdrawn its support for the opposition, but Mallah, the spokesman of FSA, said that they don’t need the support of the West. Other countries have joined the UK in its move, but US is not among them.

The rebels are reportedly, far worse than the Nazis. In the meantime, US is sending weapons to 1.2000 groups who want to overthrow the oppressive government.

The Threat of Syria

Now this is a conflict that already made history; more than 100,000 people died the past 2 years. The Western states care about their security, that’s why they have withdrawn. US – not so much. No matter how just the cause may be, the primary goal of a state, before deciding on whether or not they should take sides in a war, is how their support might backfire and threaten them afterwards.

I personally feel very threatened. This is one of the biggest conflicts in the last years and we are, once again, involved in it. Couldn’t we just once, be bystanders? After all, taking sides when both parties are guilty of murders is a pretty reckless thing to do.

Let me tell you, watching the news nowadays gives me an incentive to work harder in training myself and bulletproofing my home; you can never have enough safe rooms, defense systems, emergency kits and supplies – that’s what I always think. It’s fine if you want to call me paranoid and change the channel, I can live with that. I suggest you take the chance of being considered a freak and be more like me, other than exposing yourself to the gunpoint.

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